Kirk Rocky Derichsweiler (KRD) Foundation

KRD Mission Statement:
To inspire and educate people about Organ Donation and living a healthy active life style through biking, hiking and experiencing the outdoors especially focusing on our youth.

The 2019 Kirk Rocky Derichsweiler (KRD) Fundraiser is here! It’s been 7 years since Kirk passed and not a day goes by that we do not miss him. Kirk was an amazing person who had a great love for biking and the outdoors. We’ve been able to participate in some amazing non profits such as Community Cycles Holiday Give Away, Assisted Cycling, Trips for Kids, Project Recycle, Nature Wildlife Discovery Center, American Transplant and Boys & Girls Club. Every single penny goes to help other nonprofits – not a cent goes to overhead, salary, stamps or anything else with the KRD foundation.

Did you know that currently there are over 120,000 people waiting for a life saving organ and 22 people die a day waiting for an organ? In fact, every 14 minutes someone is added to the donor list. 

We hope you can donate a little something or even stretch and donate a little more to such an amazing organization – the good news is that we are a 501c and you can use this donation as a write off as well.
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